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Asset Management

Asset Inventory and Evaluation

Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning

ITS Evaluation and Specifications

Programming and Systems Development

Energy Systems Audits and Evaluations

Video and Satellite Imagery Integration

Inspection and Maintenance Management

Data Conversion and GIS Integration

Pocket GIS Approach


Asset Inventory and Evaluation

There is an ever-increasing need to inventory and evaluate civic assets - not just to satisfy GASB34 needs but also to better manage civic assets on an ongoing basis.

To address these needs cities not only have to conduct inventories but they also need to evaluate their assets and implement asset data base programs and work management programs and interface them with the City’s GIS and other programs. Most importantly, the City has to put in place the process and tools which will allow City staff to continue the process, i.e., update the inventories and record maintenance activities.

The Echelon team has over 30 years of experience in over 50 cities in the inventory and evaluation of civic assets. We’ve inventoried and evaluated:

  • Traffic Signs and Signals

  • Parking Systems

  • Waste Water and Water Systems

  • Buildings & Facilities

  • Power & Other Utilities

  • Roadways and Pavement

  • Pavement and Curb Markings

  • Street Lights

  • Parks and Trees

  • Waste Containers & News Racks

  • Bus Stops & Street Furniture

  • Curbs & Sidewalks

In conducting this work we’ve used Laptop, Slate, HHPC, and PPC Computers, GPS & DGPS Receivers, Laser Range Finders, Voice Recognition System, Air Photos, Satellite, and Video Imagery, etc. The Pocket GIS approach that we have developed for inventory/evaluation is described in the window under Tech Thoughts and Products section.

Our staff can work with your team to simply conduct an inventory or provide you the tools so that your staff can do the job themselves or we can build and deliver a complete Asset Management / Maintenance Management System and train your staff to use it.

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