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Asset Management Systems



Many municipal agencies are responsible for billions of dollars in capital infrastructure and they usually have in place a variety of systems for managing these assets. However, many of these agencies do not presently address the asset management program needs as defined by GASB34. More importantly, many of the systems in use do not provide the tools, procedures or basic infrastructure data that would allow for efficient and effective asset management.


Since most of the needs of GASB34 can be addressed with the implementation of an effective Asset Management Program (i.e., the modified approach) a critical question is how best to implement such a program. Considerations include:

  • Availability and usability of existing inventories.

  • Evaluation of select assets.

  • Program implementation, timing and phasing.

  • Choice of program software and systems.

  • Setting maintenance standards.

  • Assessing the availability of existing resources and deployment.



The Echelon team has been inventorying infrastructure and assets for over 30 years. We have also conducted numerous projects where the results have been used to address the needs of the recently introduced GASB34 program. We have inventoried and evaluated nearly all forms of civic assets and developed advanced technology programs for conducting the inventories and to assist in day to day work management and maintenance management activities.




We can work with your team to:

  • Evaluate or develop an asset management approach.

  • Help you select an appropriate asset management program or system.

  • Conduct inventories and evaluation of any civic asset.

  • Build special purpose, computer-based inventory and work management programs.

  • Implement work management programs, or all of the above.

We know what works.

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