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These Conformal coatings are specially formulated to protect Printed Circuit Boards and related equipment from hazards such as chemicals, vibration, moisture, salt spray, humidity, mold growth, high temperatures, etc. Conformal Coatings extend the working life and improve the reliability and safety of Electronic Systems. The range of transparent and pigmented coatings includes acrylics, silicones, polyurethanes and solvent free products. UV traces can be added to aid in inspection. Packaging includes aerosols, pens and bulk containers. There is a conformal coating for nearly every need. Dip coating machines are also available.

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Acrylic Protective Lacquer Offers excellent adhesion to all substrates. Good temperature range and dielectric properties. May be soldered through, allowing easy repair. UV trace for inspection. May be removed with solvents such as Ultrasolve (ULS).


Clear Protective Lacquer General-purpose coating for PCBs giving high-quality glossy finish. Ideal for protecting ferrous metals from corrosion. Good resistance to humidity. Resolderability through the lacquer.


SCC3 Conformal Coating High specification flexible modified silicone resin conformal coating. Transparent version (DCA) is UL approved. Red version (DCR) available for camouflage. Excellent chemical and solvent resistance. May be soldered through for rework.


HPA Conformal Coating High-performance flexible acrylic coating. Approved to US MIL-1-46058C UV trace for inspection. Excellent dielectric properties and with a wide temperature range. Resistant to mould growth. May be removed with solvents such as Ultrasolve (ULS).


Aquacoat - Aqueous Conformal Coating Water based conformal coating based on polymeric materials. Designed for the protection of PCBs and electronic assemblies. Excellent blend of physical and electrical properties in an environmentally friendly medium. Requires no special procedures for the protection of either operators or the working environment. UV trace for inspection.


Peelable Coating Mask Flexible latex for masking components. Completely hand peelable, leaving no residue. Solvent resistant and does not contaminate conformal coatings. Dries at room temperature. High film strength, does not break easily.


Nickel Screening Compound Efficient EMI/RFI screening coating with excellent attenuation levels. Enhanced adhesion to wide variety of substrates. Provides even coating with superior scratch resistance. Fast drying at room temperature. Prevents static buildup.


Silicone Removable Coating Solvent removable, silicone conformal coating. Good adhesion and humid ageing properties. May be soldered through safely. Good operating temperature range. Excellent surface resistivity.


Fluorocoat Surface Modifier Thin film coating offering excellent moisture resistance. Assemblies can be coated without masking. Applies a very thin film which breaks when connectors, etc. are inserted. Contains UV trace for easy inspection.


UV Cure Conformal Coating is a one component coating which has excellent adhesion, high chemical and heat resistance, flexibility and gloss. It achieves high strength thick or thin coating within seconds of exposure to UV light at room temperature and adheres to many surfaces. Used in the protection of electronic circuitry.


Insulating Varnish is a urethane alkyd type, air-drying varnish with a UV trace. Used for PCB coating or for wound component dipping and as a general electrical varnish for humidity protection.

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