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Electrolube Service Products

Commercial Energy Meter Monitoring

Renewable Energy Systems

Energy Efficient Lighting

Heat Recovery Systems

Pocket GIS Approach



The Electrolube, Energy / Lighting Systems, and Data Collection products and systems that we represent are the best in the world. We know this because we use these systems and we’ve also used many competing products.

We have also worked with manufacturers and developers, over many years, to have them focus on improving their products to address our ever-changing clients’ needs. We have used virtually all of the products that we represent and we continue to use many of these products on a daily basis.

Our experience with implementing Asset Management programs involves actual hands-on experience in the evaluation of  Asset Management Data Base and Work Management systems, and implementation, training, and ongoing maintenance of these systems.

The Data Collection systems that we make available to our clients are in daily use by our staff and our clients for day-to-day inventory, inspection, and maintenance activities for GASB34 and other programs.

We know what works.





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