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Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning

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Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning

Our clients’ needs range from building new communities and associated transportation infrastructure, to optimizing traffic operations within a transportation corridor, to solving the traffic problems associated with a new development or simply designing a new circulation element of a General Plan. They need to have the confidence that the solutions will work from a traffic operations as well as urban design perspective and the solutions need to be cost effective.

There are really two over-riding issues that shape nearly every traffic engineering / transportation planning solution in today’s cities.

  • How to design and implement workable, creative, cost effective, multi-modal solutions that address today’s and tomorrow’s needs while addressing conflicting social, political, urban design, economic, traffic, environmental and other issues.

  • How to best communicate the alternatives, issues, and solutions to the elected officials, the public and the technical professional.

The Echelon team brings to this practice area over 100 years of collective experience in Traffic Engineering, Transportation Planning, Transit Operations and Planning, Urban Design, and Decision Analysis. We employ AI based tools for decision analysis, advanced traffic operations and simulation tools for traffic analyses, advanced modeling tools for traffic and multi-modal forecasts and GIS for public communications. We even provide products that make our nations traffic-control and transit systems work more effectively. We focus on providing optimal solutions - and we know what works.

We can conduct a traffic impact study, develop a circulation element plan, optimize the operations of a traffic corridor or access to a facility, recalibrate your travel demand model so that its results are usable, or build an entire transportation master plan for a new community.

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