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The Electrolube product line includes a full range of aqueous, solvent and semi-aqueous emulsions for electronic components for flux and other contaminant removal and general degreasing of Printed Circuit Boards and other electronic components for improved maintenance, production and product reliability. Packaging includes aerosols and bulk containers. There is a cleaning solution for nearly every need.

  Product Code Product Description

CCL Contact Cleaner Non-flammable contact cleaner. Features interchangeable spray or brush applicator. Effectively and safely removes contamination. May be used on live equipment. Extremely fast drying.

ECSP Electronic Cleaning Solvent Plus Super fast evaporating cleaning solvent. Removes grease, dirt and most fluxes. Completely residue free. Highly flammable - not to be used on live equipment.

ECW Engineers Cleaning Wipes High-quality cloth with exceptional wet and dry tear strengths. Economical and reusable. Extremely absorbent. Packed in the resealable gripper bag which protects against contamination.
EWI IPA Electrowipes Impregnated lint free pads. Conveniently packed in dual sachets. Ideal for cleaning all types of connectors and cables, especially fibre optic cables. Provides a temporary antistatic agent.
FLU Fluxclene Fast drying solvent cleaner for efficient removal of flux residues and soldering. Leaves a perfectly clean, dry surface. Harmless to most plastics, rubbers and elastomers. Available in aerosol versions with or without brush applicator.
GLC Glass Cleaner Can be used on all forms of glass. Silicone free allowing used on PCB production equipment. Excellent cleaning of grease, oil and light organic contaminants. Non-smear and non-toxic. Wipe clean with a lint free cloth.
IPA Electronic Cleaning Solvent High quality, electronics grade IPA. Suitable for all electronic and PCB cleaning. Cleans thoroughly to a perfectly dry and residue free surface. Effective and economic in use.
PRS Printasolve Removes ink (solvent or oil-based) from most surfaces. Highly effective and economic to use. Re-textures rubber rollers. Strong solvent which should be tested for plastics compatibility before use.
SSC Screen and Stencil Cleaner Quickly and efficiently removes unused solder and uncured adhesive. Leaves clean dry surfaces. Harmless to most plastics, rubbers and elastomers and surface coating. Contains flammable solvent - do not use on live equipment.
SSS Screen and Stencil Solvent Non-flammable solvent for cleaning of screens and stencils. Excellent solder paste and adhesive removal. Non-foaming and biodegradable.
SSW Screen and Stencil Wipes Superb cleaning powers to remove both pastes and adhesives. Leaves screens and stencils clean and dry with no staining. Large size (20cm x 28cm). Convenient 100 wipe tub dispenser. Low odor.
ULC Ultraclens Highly penetrating cleaning solvent blend for removing heavy deposits. Excellent cold cleaner for electronics. Slow flammability and low odor.
ULS Ultrasolve Fast drying solvent for quick and efficient cleaning of electrical equipment. Excellent removal of grease, oil, flux residues, and acrylic conformal coatings. Leaves clean, dry surface. Compatible with most plastics.
VID/VIDP Magnetic Head Cleaner For use on all magnetic tape heads. Quick drying, leaving no residue. Good plastics compatibility. VIDP offers nonflammable version which can be used on live equipment.
SWA Safewash  Formulation for bench cleaning of PCBs and metals that are not sensitive to alkalis.  Removes fluxes from PCBs. May also be used to clean grease and general dirt. Fast, effective foaming action.
SWAJ Safewash J Same as Safewash but contains a corrosion inhibitor allowing the safe cleaning of all metals including aluminum, copper and brass.
SWAS Safewash S Same as Safewash J but with enhanced performance for cleaning very stubborn flux residues and no-clean fluxes.
SWAF Safewash F Ideal for cleaning PCB's and metals that are not sensitive to alkalis. This product will not foam and comes as a concentrate that is to be diluted with deionised water at between 5-25%.
SWAP Safewash P Ideal for cleaning PCB's and contains a corrosion inhibitor. Will not foam and comes in a ready to use concentration.
SWAX Safewash Extra is a powerful water based cleaner for the removal of solder pastes and surface mount adhesives from screens, stencils, boards and accessories. It is non-flammable, low foam, low odor product for use in ultrasonic, spray and in-line machines.

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