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Contact lubricants are applied to all current carrying metal interfaces. These include switches, connectors, socketed systems, and bus bars.  The benefits include extended switch and connector life (up to 300%), improved signal quality and product reliability and improved conformance consistency, reduced operating temperature, improved switch feel and prevention of contamination. There is a contact lubricant for nearly every possible application. Packaging ranges from pens to wipes to syringes to aerosols and to bulk containers.

  Product Code Product Description

Contact Treatment Grease 2G Excellent electrical properties. Widely used for automotive column switches.


Specialized Contact Grease 2GX Good electrical properties and plastics compatibility. Reduces contact wear and arching. Widely used for automotive column switches.

SGN Contact Grease 10G Excellent low temperature operation.
CG52B Contact Grease52B Excellent electrical properties. Used for automotive column switches and connector lubrication.
CG53A Contact Grease CG53A Excellent electrical properties and mechanical lubrication. Provides high quality “feel” for automotive applications. Good high and low temperature performance.
CG60 Contact Grease CG60 Uniquely combines excellent electrical properties with very high plastics compatibility, even with PC & ABS.
CG70 Contact Grease CG70 Offers enhanced electrical and mechanical properties, reduced contact resistance, excellent plastics compatibility with exceptional performance at low temperature (down to -55°C) without compromising any performance at high temperature. Used on switches and connectors to guarantee a very low and stable contact resistance over the long lifetimes required by the automotive and domestic equipment industries.
EGF Eltinert F Grease Specialty lubricant for noble metals. Total plastics compatibility and very high temperature operation.
EPC Electroplating Compound Lubricant specially designed for bus bar joints in electrolyte plant. Reduces energy consumption and down time.
SPG Special Plastics Grease Grease designed for the most sensitive plastics. Reduces noise and provides excellent mechanical lubrication in automotive and domestic applications.

Ultra Plastic Grease A lithium based contact lubricant with superior mechanical wear properties suitable for most sensitive plastics. Ideal for all automotive switches and consumer products.

ULL Ultralube Tenacious long lasting and non-staining lubricant. Suitable for use on printer mechanisms, etc. Can be used as an edge connector lubricant, particularly for gold contacts. Can be used as a silicone inhibit for relays, etc.
SOA Contact Oil 2 Uniquely effective for carbon brush impregnation. Reduces EMI/RFI interference and extends the lifetime of fractional HP electric motors.
SOB Specialized Contact Oil 2X Ideal for relays and micro switches as it combines good electrical properties and plastic compatibility.
SON No. 10 Contact Oil Low viscosity oil for intricate switch designs. Widely used in ignition switches. Very good low temperature properties.
EOF Eltinert F Oil Specialty lubricant for noble metals. Total plastics compatibility and very high temperature operation.
CCS Contact Cleaning Strips Easy to use. Impregnated, mildly adhesive card. Cleans, refurbishes and lubricates metal contacts. High quality contact lubricant

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