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Data Conversion and GIS Integration

In any Asset Management Program there is always an economic incentive to use existing data bases and integrate these into existing GIS and Asset Management programs. Typical examples include converting AUTOCAD files into ArcView files, Traffic Accident records into GIS, Traffic Control Inventories into Asset Management Data Bases, and Maintenance activities into Work Management Programs.

Some of the issues that are usually encountered include:

  • Is the data accessible or is it in some unusual and/or proprietary format?

  • Is the data usable, in that, is it up-to-date and/or accurate?

  • Should some or all the data be converted?

  • Is this the correct time to change the existing data structures?

  • What is the best Data Base or Asset Management Program to use?

  • Is the data conversion exercise cost effective or should new data be collected?

Our approach is simple. We try to understand your present systems, needs, and practices - then we use computer based systems to effect the conversions and GIS integrations in a cost effective way. We also leave you with these tools so that you can continue the conversion process for those divisions that will not participate at project initiation.

Our staff can work with your team to simply convert your existing data to any format or we can work with you to redefine your present and future data needs, convert some or all of your existing data sets and integrate this data into Data Base and Asset Management Programs.


There are very few Asset Management projects conducted by Echelon where data conversion was not a requirement. Typically, we are converting from CAD to GIS or from an existing traffic control data bases to programs from CarteGraph or Hansen. Our staff have converted data sets in over 50 projects using such systems as Intergraph, AUTOCAD, MapInfo, ArcView, Transcad, Dbase, Rbase, Access, Excel, Quattro Pro, emme2, TRAN PLAN, etc.


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