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Inspection and Maintenance Management

Maintaining a City’s assets takes a significant “bite” out of the City’s operation's budget. Today GASB34 requires that these maintenance budgets be managed in a defensible way. Every city, regardless of size, needs to continually focus on applying cost effective tools to improve its Maintenance Management because maintenance is such a large part of the civic budget.

Considering the need for improved systems for maintenance management and the proliferation of hardware and software solutions, civic management needs to step very carefully. The key issues facing management are:

  • Recognizing that inspection processes and up-to-date inventories and evaluations are key elements of any maintenance management program.

  • Making sure that the needs of both the in-field maintenance worker as well as service management are truly addressed in any system.

  • Selecting the right hardware and software for maintenance and inspection staff. (Their needs are quite different from the needs of the planning and administrative staff).

  • Addressing the multi-tiered and continuous training needs that have to be part of any inspection and maintenance management program.

We believe that Handheld and Pocket PC computers could be effective tools in any new maintenance management program. We believe this because we have seen how field staff can improve their productivity with these tools. We have developed a range of laptop, slate,  HHPC, and PPC based programs that are exceptionally easy to use. These Pocket GIS based programs provide the potential to revolutionize the inspection and maintenance tasks of maintenance workers.

Our staff can work with your team to review and recommend on maintenance practices and work management programs. Or, we can build special purpose, handheld Pocket GIS based systems, customized to address your needs or we can supply complete turnkey, maintenance management systems.

We know what works.

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