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The Electrolube product line includes a wide variety of exceptional quality service and maintenance aids to improve production and performance of Electronic/Electrical systems. Products include: Anti-Static Foam Cleansers and Sprays, Freezers and Air Dusters, Surface Mount Adhesives, Nickel Screening sprays, Graffiti Removal gels, Silver Conductive Paint, Dry Film Lubricant, and various computer cleaning products and systems.

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Adhesive Chain Lubricant Highly tenacious. Excellent resistance to water and high temperatures. Good mechanical stability. Good penetration at low temperatures.

AFC Antistatic Foam Cleanser Protects from static buildup. Biodegradable. Safe on all plastics, non-flammable. Apply and wipe with Engineers Cleaning Wipes (ECW025).
ASA Antistatic Spray Powerful non-foaming cleaner which also prevents static buildup. Long-term effect. Non-flammable. Suitable for use on screens and bench tops. Also suitable for use on fabrics.
BLV/R Bloc’lube Tamper evident seal for potentiometers, etc. Green or red. Supplied with integral brush.
CTC Carterclene Heavy-duty antistatic foaming cleaner that removes ground in dirt and grime. Gives long-lasting antistatic properties on glass, plastic, and other synthetic materials. Shake well before use, apply and wipe with ECW025
CYL Cyanolube Fast curing cyanoacrylate adhesive which dries in 1 - 5 seconds. Tear strength 25-30N/mm. Bonds most common substrates. Adheres well to most plastics without leaving a white “bloom”.
Desolder Braid Fast effective wicking when removing components. Utilizes no-clean flux. Economic 5m length. Available in two widths 1.25 and 2.00mm.
Airduster Inert, pure compressed gas for dust removal. Available in standard and invertible versions. Ideal for removing particulates from inaccessible areas on delicate equipment. Non-flammable.
EADP Airduster Plus Ultra high-power air duster. High-pressure blast for removing stubborn particulates. Inert, pure compressed gas. Non-flammable. Use in short, sharp burst. to avoid can frosting.
EML Contact Cleaner Lubricant Cleans and lubricates switches and connectors. Removes dirt and protects from further contamination. Reduces contact resistance. Improves conductivity. Commonly known as switch cleaner.
EPK Engineers Pen Kit Contains 5x 12ml pens for on the spot service and maintenance. ULS - Cleaning fluid. CMO - Mechanical oil. EOP - Connector lubricant. CPL - Protective lacquer. SMFL - Soldering flux. Refills of individual pens are available.
FRE Freezer Standard freezer for non-insensitive, electronic fault finding. Can aid mechanical shrink fitting. Non-flammable, cools down to -55° C. Prevents damage to components during soldering.
GDP High Powered Airduster High-powered airduster with powerful initial blast and minimal drop-off. Non-flammable, pure compressed gas. Use to remove dust and dirt from delicate and inaccessible areas. Use in short, sharp burst to avoid can frosting.
LRM Label Remover Paper label remover. Suitable for EPROMS, also useful around the office. Aerosol with brush enables mechanical scrubbing action to aid removal. Handy pen version available. Harmless to most plastics.
MCF Minimal Charging Freezer Fast fault finding in electronics. Suitable for static sensitive devices. Unique additive minimizes static buildup while still allowing frost formation. Protection from overheating. Cools to -55°C.
SCP Silver Conductive Paint Highly conductive silver loaded paint. Ideal for track repair and pinpoint shielding. Fast drying. Excellent adhesion to most substrates.
AGC Copper Antiseize Fluid Provides anti-seize and anti-corrosion protection. Ideal for use on threaded components. High copper content provides effective lubrication. Highly water-resistant. Effective at high temperatures.
DAS Silicone Mold Release Colorless silicone lubricant. Water repellent surface treatment. Ideal for all mold release applications. Very good thermal stability. Reduces surface friction.
DDF Leak Detector Allows immediate detection of air and gas leaks from all types of pipe work and vessels. Non-flammable and safe to use. Water-based. Contains anti-corrosion agents to ensure that substrates are not affected.
DGT Penetrating Fluid Penetrates and lubricates mechanical parts. Produces a highly water resistant film, providing long-term corrosion protection. Loosens seized assemblies and prevents friction noise. Ideal for breakdown and maintenance services.
DTP Paint Stripper Extremely powerful paint and varnish remover. Can be used for removing graffiti. Suitable for removing varnishes on wood. May be removed simply by brushing. Not to be used on plastics.
FSL Food Safe Lubricant Nontoxic white grease with USDA H-1 approval. Excellent resistance to water and high temperatures. Excellent compatibility with rubber plastics. Good temperature range -20° to +180°C.
HDC Cutting Fluid Industrial grade metal cutting oil. Powerful lubricant suitable for ferrous metals, stainless and heat resistance steels. Allows high-speed punching. Extends tool life.
HDL Handclens Removes ink, grease and ingrained grime from hands. Foaming hand cleanser that doesn't require water rinsing or drying. Dries to an easily removed powdery residue. Contains lanolin for moisturizing. Pleasantly perfumed.
MPU Polyurethane Foam One part ready to use self-expanding PU foam. Cures quickly to form a tough, waterproof layer. Excellent for filling and sealing spaces around cables, window frames, pipe ducts, etc. Provides good thermal and acoustic insulation.
PBS Antispatter Spray Prevents adhesion of weld spatters. Suitable for protecting nozzles, weld units and tools. Non-flammable and silicone free. Very fast drying.
Galvanizing Spray Cold galvanization paint for metal surfaces. Protects against oxidation and corrosion. Very fast drying with excellent adhesion properties. May be used as a primer for fixing lacquers. Available in gloss and matte finishes.


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