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Mechanical Lubricants

The Electrolube range of mechanical lubricants were designed to address our clients' needs for mechanical lubricants with significant plastics compatibility, high temperature performance, and excellent insulating capability and water and moisture repellency. Some of these products also have contact lubricant capability. The products will improve product reliability and consistency of performance. Products are packaged in aerosols, pens, syringes, and bulk packaging.

  Product Code Product Description
CMO Clear Mechanical Oil Clear lubricant with excellent mechanical properties. Outstanding penetration characteristics. Water-resistant. Contains Molybdenum Disulphide.
DFL Dry Film Lubricant High purity PTFE based lubricant. Operating temperature range of -200 to +200 C. Water repellent with a low co-efficient of friction. May be used where silicones or mineral oils are unsuitable. Can be used as a cold mould release.
EPE Permagard De-watering and penetrating fluid. Good lubricants. Loosens seized metal parts. Protects against rust and corrosion.
HTG High Temperature Grease High-quality mechanical grease for lubrication and protection. Wide temperature range of -20 to +200 C (does not harden at high temperatures). Fortified with anti-wear and antioxidant additives. Water-resistant.
Multipurpose Grease / Oil General-purpose grease for use in mechanical and electrical applications. Grease has wide temperature range, good lubricating and thermal properties. High-quality, low viscosity general-purpose oil. Oil protects against oxidation and moisture, providing a tenacious film.
OSL Silicone Oil High-quality, multipurpose mechanical lubricant. Silicone spray with excellent water repellency. Long-term lubrication for line printers, keyboards, platens, bearings, etc. May also be used as a mould release agent.
SCO Silicone Grease Compound High quality, multipurpose electrical insulating compound. Excellent water and moisture repellency. Chemically inert, odorless and nontoxic. Excellent resistance to tracking and corona discharge.
SPG Special Plastics Grease Excellent plastics compatibility. Offers outstanding low temperature performance. Efficient mechanical lubricant for plastic/plastic or plastic/metal friction. Ideal to reduce wear in timers, plastic cogs and gears, etc.

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