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More and more frequently there are requests for VOC or solvent free coatings and Aquacoat (WBC), the water-based coating which was introduced last year has undergone extensive trials with a number of customers. Current successful trials have been for the coating of PCBs for use in the demanding environment of the automotive industry (electronic mirrors and engine management systems).

Electrolube's new Aquacoat (WBC) is a single part, low odor, non-flammable water based coating. The novel polymer blend contains no aromatic solvents (extremely low VOC) and consequently offers excellent plastics compatibility.

The water base of the coating produces a non-flammable product which can be easily applied under normal working conditions with no requirements for special flame-proofed equipment, sophisticated extraction, or special storage. WBC offers excellent resistance to solvents including alcohols and aromatics and can withstand temperatures as low as -5OC and as high as peaks of 150C.

The viscosity of Aquacoat ensures easy application by all traditional methods and the milky liquid cross links to give a clear glossy coating.

Swift production throughput is ensured as full cure of the coating can be achieved in 40 minutes at 70C after it has reached the tack dry stage (between 10 and 40 minutes dependent on ambient conditions). Greatly accelerated cure time can be achieved in less than 10 minutes using an infra-red oven.


Carterclene is an extremely powerful, highly efficient cleaner which has been specially developed for use on plastics, metal, glass and synthetic surfaces. The original product which was available as a foaming aerosol cleaner and is now available in bulk sizes(5L and 30L containers) which can be used in ultrasonic systems as well as manually.

CTCP is extremely cost effective as the product is provided in a concentrate that can be diluted (in cold water ~ 5 to 20 % or hot water (~ 1 to 15 %) and is ideal for micro-cleaning and active degreasing of both plastics and metals. It contains a very powerful corrosion inhibitor which protects against oxidation of the most sensitive metals such as iron, aluminum or non coated steels.

It disperses and removes effectively oil, grease, used oils and general dirt. If diluted with tap water the anti-calciferous agents protect against hard water deposits on the cleaned surfaces. Immediate rinsing is recommended for sensitive materials. Biodegradability better than 90 %.



To compliment their existing industrial products Electrolube is launching a graffiti removal range. Graffiti is a commonly encountered problem which is difficult, time consuming, and costly to remove. Found on the exterior walls of building, trains, bars, warehouses, etc. Electrolube graffiti range can provide a complete solution.

The Electrolube graffiti range comprises of Graffiti Remover Gel (GRG) and Graffiti Remover for Sensitive Surfaces (GRS). Both GRG and GRS can quickly and effectively remove felt tip pen, ball point pens, crayons, and most paints.

Graffiti remover gel is highly tenacious and clings to vertical surfaces ensuring a longer contact time and has low volatility and low odor. It is easy and economical to use as it can be applied directly to the graffiti.  Allow 1 - 5 minutes to be absorbed and then wipe or brush off leaving no residue.

New Polyurethane Conformal Coating Range

The latest addition to the Conformal coating range is Polyurethane Conformal Coating (PUC) - a highly robust, modified polyurethane conformal coating with excellent mechanical and dielectric properties. Due to its resistance to aggressive liquids and environmental conditions this coating will meet the requirements of DEF STAN 59/47 SU-4 and MIL STD 46058C. This single part coating dries more rapidly than competitor coatings and has excellent solvent resistance.

  • Touch dry after 45 minutes.

  • Dries rapidly - only 3 hours at 65C (will cure at room temperature in 48 hours).

  • UV trace for inspection.

  • Use DRG for removal prior to repair.

  • Thinners - PTH - available for dipping and spraying applications.

  • Excellent resistance to diesel, acids and alkalies.

Ideal if you wish to dual source your supply of specified polyurethane coatings.

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