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Asset Management

Asset Inventory and Evaluation

Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning

ITS Evaluation and Specifications

Programming and Systems Development

Energy Systems Audits and Evaluations

Video and Satellite Imagery Integration

Inspection and Maintenance Management

Data Conversion and GIS Integration

Pocket GIS Approach



Echelon staff have, over the last 30 years, provided Professional Engineering and Management Consulting Services to Municipal, Regional, State, Provincial, Federal, and Private agencies on four continents. Our approach is simple. We try to understand our clients real needs, priorities and resource capabilities-then work with them, as a team, to produce the most appropriate solutions. Whenever feasible, and only if feasible, we bring to bear on our client's needs, our considerable strengths in the use of advanced technologies. We know what works. This comes from not only pioneering in the use of various advanced systems but helping to build many of these technologies.








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