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Surface Mount Prototyping

These products include surface mount adhesives, solder pastes and rework fluxes, peelable coating masks, fluorocoat surface modifiers and silicone removable coatings. Prototyping systems for PCB development are also available. These are all products of exceptional quality, designed to assist in the prototyping and production of electronic systems.

  Product Code Product Description

Surface Mount Adhesive One part UV resistance system with high green strength and dot profile. Excellent mechanical strength. Resistant to cleaning solvents. Long-term stability after cure cycle. Syringe can be used by hand or dispensing equipment.


Surface Mount Solder Paste Long tack time, dispensing grade silver solder paste. Excellent wetting characteristics. Good reflow characteristics, with no solder balling. No post-cleaning necessary


Surface Mount Rework Flux Quick drying, no clean, MIL approved flux. Can be used with hot air, or conventional soldering techniques. Non-tacky and no corrosive residue. Very high reliability.


Ferric Chloride 250g pack (makes 500ml) of Ferric Chloride hexahydrate for etching copper clad boards to produce PCBs, signs, pictures, etc.


Positive Photoresist Fast drying positive photoresist in aerosols for reproduction of circuits, images, PCBs, signs, and diagrams. Fine resolution down to 0.1 mm, develops using UV or sunlight and ideal for prototyping.


Photoresist Developer Safe aqueous alkaline developer to be used in conjunction with PRP and other positive photoresists. Fast developing time, long active life and buffered to give repeatable accurate images.

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