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Video and Satellite Imagery Integration

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Pocket GIS Approach 


Video and Satellite Imagery Integration

This practice area and technology allows us to address, in a cost effective way, many complex questions related to urban systems and operations.  For example,

  • Where are the open spaces and what are the conditions of the trees and parks?

  • What are some of the physical impacts of pollution and emissions?

  • Where are the most or least energy efficient buildings?

  • Where do we have non-conforming land uses and facilities?

  • Are our Urban Design standards being used?

  • Where are our key assets located?

  • What are the conditions of some key assets?

There is no shortage of issues that can be addressed with todayís imaging technology.


Since video and satellite imagery can be very useful tools in building and maintaining asset management systems, there are numerous issues that need to be addressed if these tools are to be used cost effectively.

  • Would you get more benefits from a 3Ē resolution (corrected) satellite image than you would from a one meter resolution image or from VHS tape of the roadway right of way as the vehicle traversed the roadway?

  • Should the mobile VHS images be integrated with the GIS?

  • Can you realistically use a VHS image to collect asset data? etc. If yes - for which assets?

Echelon has used virtually all of the video VHS, satellite, and air photo imaging systems to collect inventory and maintenance data to build base maps for data collection and to evaluate assets. We have even integrated various forms of imagery into our Pocket GIS approach to inventory and asset maintenance. We have learned that these tools can be very cost effective when used properly and very frustrating and costly when used improperly. 

We can work with your team to help to define the specific problems that video and satellite imagery are to address. We can also conduct the surveys, arrange for the satellite photos or drive by videos, integrate the results into your GIS so that when you point to an intersection or roadway section on a GIS map you can see a video of that area. Or we can simply provide your staff with the tools and training needed to produce the videos.

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